Lavender Cottage

Lavender Cottage with a double and a single bed sleeps upto 3 people. The ensuite bathroom has a large shower.This cottage also has a small private loung. Just like the Lavender plant has healing and peacegiving qualities, your stay will give you peace and heal you  

Mint Cottage

Mint is a freestanding bachelor’s room with one single bed, a shower and a toilet. It used to be the Farm’s generator.

Rosemary Cottage

Rosemary Cottage, also known as the Honeymoon Cottage, is one of the cottages you can stay at when visiting Rainhill Farm. This cottage is right at the foot of the Magaliesburg mountain. Like all the other rooms it has it’s own bathroom with an original ball-and-claw bath and private entrance. This room was originally built in the […]

Oumas Room

Another comfortable stay can be found inOuma’s Room. This room was always the Farm’s guest room (from the 1940’s on). It has a large room with twin beds, the beautiful bedroom suite crafted from blackwood. This room leads to a bathroom with an original ball-and-claw bath, for long, relaxing baths – book in hand….  

Family Room

The family room was built in 1941, the corner-stone laid on 31 May 1941. This huge room has a double and two single beds with lots of space to spare. It was originally Ella’s office and still has the original mounted stamp shelf. This bathroom has a shower.

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